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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cloud Sharing

I am sharing my drive with some Movie content at the moment.. By the time I will share more things. It may be down for some time but you can check back to access the files.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unaico Mertis


Unaico Merits FAQ

The new Unaico Merits program that was launched 1st of February has been extremely well received from the Network. Several questions have been raised though and therefore this FAQ will help to clarify what Merits are.

1) What are these 'Merits'?

A Member will be awarded Merits by:

- Achieving the Bronze level in the compensation plan = 75 merits

- Achieving the Gold level in the compensation plan = 500 Merits

2) What can I use them for?

They are strictly for use within a member's Unaico business for redemption against incentives and promotions at the company's discretion. For example, the Merits can be exchanged for share options of SiteTalk once SiteTalk is listed.

3) What value do the Merits have?

One Merit has a redeemable value of approximately 2 €. That means that upon achieving the Bronze level, the Member can redeem promotions/incentives for approximately 150 €. And upon achieving the Gold level, the Member can redeem promotions/incentives for approximately 1000 Euros.


4) What sort of incentives and promotions?

The company will launch the first redeemable promotions on the event in Hungary in May. There will be advantageous incentives and promotions, such as lifestyle awards, company incentives, SiteTalk products as well as recognition programmes with high value lifestyle benefits. Once SiteTalk is listed, a Member will also be able to redeem the Merits for SiteTalk Share options.

5) When will my Merits be displayed online?

During the week commencing February 27th the Merits will start to be displayed in your Unaico Member Back Office.

6) How many Merits will be issued?

There is a set amount of Merits that will be issued and the promotion may be ended at any given time, but with a minimum of one week’s notice.

7) Who is this Promotion available for?

This recognition programme is available for all Bronze or Gold Unaico Members.

We wish you great success and we are looking forward to rewarding as many Members with as many Merits as possible.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Members with Australian IP addresses

As of 1st January 2012, Members with Australian IP addresses will be able to sign up as
SiteTalk Members and they will then receive their free Unaico Membership, but they will not
be able to upgrade their Membership until the 11th day following registration. This is in order
to abide by new regulations introduced in Australia.
Unaico Technical Team

Complete the KYC process

Please note that while it is no longer necessary for you to have completed the KYC process in
order to login to your back office, all Members are still required to complete their personal
KYC process as soon as possible by visiting Starting January 2012,
Members who have not yet completed their KYC process will no longer be able to access
back office functions. The website is continuously being updated and
refined as we learn ways to improve this process.

KYC Questions & Answers


Thank you for your leadership in helping Unaico Members in your team to complete the KYC process. Following are answers to some of the more common Questions that have been received by our Customer Service staff. Hopefully these answers will be of assistance to you as you help guide Members through this process.

Q - After submitting my KYC application, how long will it take to get KYC approval (provided all the documents and information is submitted correctly)?

A - This is a large process for us and we expect that it will take many weeks for the KYC team to review and approve this documentation. We have not yet started the approval process. As soon as we do, we will be able to give a time-frame.

Q - What is the last date for submitting KYC documents?

A - All KYC applications should be submitted by 29th February 2012

Q - After I have submitted my KYC application, I get the message "Approval status of individual: Verifying", what does this mean?

A - This means that your application has been received and is ready for being reviewed.

Q - Is it required that the name and address on the "photo ID" and the "proof of address" should match?

A - The name must match on both documents, but it is not required that the address matches.

Q - My "proof of address" document is more than 3 months old. Will that be OK to submit?

A - The "proof of address" document should NOT be older than 3 months.

Q - My documents for submission are not in English language. Can I still submit these?

A - Yes - you may submit documents in your native language. However, the KYC4U website fields must be completed in English language and characters.

Q - Are hand-written documents acceptable?

A - Hand-written documents are not acceptable for the KYC process.

Q - My ID card does not have any expiry date. What shall I write in the expiry date field?

A - Expiry date of your "photo ID" is not a compulsory field so you may leave it blank.

Q - If I do not have a bill in my name what other document can I upload?

A - The KYC process will also accept any bank account statement or official government letter on letterhead that displays your name and address.

Q - How can I submit KYC for a company?

A - The KYC process requires Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association, or Certificate of Ultimate Beneficial Owner for a company. If a Partnership, Trust or Foundation, then Registration certificate, Partnership Deed or Certificate of Ultimate Beneficial Owner will be adequate.

Q - Why do I need to pay €20 for the KYC process?

A - Unaico is using an external company to do this KYC process. The €20 fee per personal account charged is to pay the external company for this administration. This amount will be debited from your Unaico online account.

Q - If I link 4 other accounts to my personal account, do I have to pay €20 for each account or only once?

A - You will only ever pay the €20 once and that is only for your personal account only, and not for any accounts linked to you personal account.

Q - What if I don't have any money on my Unaico online account. How would I be able to pay this €20 KYC fee?

A - Your Unaico online account will still be debited and will go into negative. Please note that upon OFC conversion, accounts in minus will not take part in the conversion.

Q - I have tried to link my other account using "Link to Personal Account" function in KYC4U website but it is not working?

A - First you must complete the KYC for your Personal Account. Then you must log in to the other accounts you are administering and put the details of your Personal Account in the "Link to Personal Account" page.

Q - Can I link my relative’s account to my account if we don’t live at the same address?

A – Yes you can link any account that you have permission to administer to your Personal Account.

Q - I have made a mistake when linking accounts. Can I unlink this to correct this?

A - Yes you may unlink accounts and re-link in the correct manner if you have made a mistake. Log onto your Personal Account and then delete the incorrectly linked account/s. Then return to those accounts and link them to the correct Personal Account.

Q - I am a basic member and I do not have any OFC in my account. Do I need to do KYC, and if not, will I still be able to access my account in the future?

A - All activated Unaico Members must complete the KYC process.

Q - Is it possible to sell a position after KYC process is done?

A - Yes this is still possible and according to normal procedures.

Q - Is it possible to change email address during KYC process?

A - Yes this is still possible, but please first change in your Member backoffice according to normal procedures, and the change on the KYC pages.

Q - Can I cancel or correct the KYC if, for example, I put in wrong documents or uploaded the KYC on the wrong account?

A - You may have time to cancel if the verification process has not yet started. A button will soon appear that will allow you to cancel.

Q - Will I be contacted if there is an issue with my KYC?

A - Yes you will eventually be contacted if there is an issue with your KYC application.

Q - If I made changes on the account on the KYC page, will they be changed in the Unaico back office as well?

A - No these are stand-alone systems. Please make sure you make any updates to contact details in your Unaico Member Backoffice before submitting your KYC.

Q - If I now refer a new Member that purchases for example, a Gold Advantage package, do they need to submit the KYC as well, direct after they sign up?

A - Yes they will need to do this, and they should do this shortly after signing up.

Q - What is the difference between the “Save” and “Submit” buttons?

A - The “Save” button allows you to save individual steps and pages you have completed. The “Submit” button will send your final data submission to the KYC team once you have completed your work and have pressed “Submit”.

WWW.KYC4U.COM (English Step by Step Guide Unaico Global Office)


English Step by Step Guide Unaico Global Office


clip_image004Step One

Login to

using your Unaico username and password.

Enter the CaptchaCode that is shown on the screen.

Step Two

Read & understand all the terms &

agreement, then click AGREE to

activate the menu on the left.

Step Three

After the left menu become activated, please click "KYC

Application" to go to the next step.

clip_image006Step Four

Please fill in all your particular

correctly and proceed by clicking

"Next" button below

Please note that bank account details are not necessary.

Step Five

Please fill in your Identity Card

number or Driving license number and all the necessary fields.

After that, please upload scanned

images of your ID or Driving license



by following order:

1. Click browse to upload FRONT

side of your ID

2. Click browse to upload BACK

side of your ID

3. Click browse to upload Copy of

your utilities bill (or other

4 document that correspond to

your address.

Click SAVE afterwards.

Please note that files uploaded

must be less than 2 MB

Step Six

After the thumbnails of your

uploaded Documents appear, click

Submit to finalize


You can double check all your

particulars by selecting and

clicking "Preview" on the left menu.

Link to Personal Account

If you have access/

administration of / to any other

accounts, you can link / bind

these to your "Personal Account"

by following the next steps:

Log Out from your "Personal


Link to Other Account 1

Login to any other account you

have access / administration of / to

clip_image010Link to Other Account 2

Click AGREE to activate the menu on the left.

Link to Other Account 3

Click "Link to Personal Account"

Link to Other Account 4

Fill in the Username of this account.

Thank you for completing the KYC Process.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Bigg Boss Season-5

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