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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Unaico Mertis


Unaico Merits FAQ

The new Unaico Merits program that was launched 1st of February has been extremely well received from the Network. Several questions have been raised though and therefore this FAQ will help to clarify what Merits are.

1) What are these 'Merits'?

A Member will be awarded Merits by:

- Achieving the Bronze level in the compensation plan = 75 merits

- Achieving the Gold level in the compensation plan = 500 Merits

2) What can I use them for?

They are strictly for use within a member's Unaico business for redemption against incentives and promotions at the company's discretion. For example, the Merits can be exchanged for share options of SiteTalk once SiteTalk is listed.

3) What value do the Merits have?

One Merit has a redeemable value of approximately 2 €. That means that upon achieving the Bronze level, the Member can redeem promotions/incentives for approximately 150 €. And upon achieving the Gold level, the Member can redeem promotions/incentives for approximately 1000 Euros.


4) What sort of incentives and promotions?

The company will launch the first redeemable promotions on the event in Hungary in May. There will be advantageous incentives and promotions, such as lifestyle awards, company incentives, SiteTalk products as well as recognition programmes with high value lifestyle benefits. Once SiteTalk is listed, a Member will also be able to redeem the Merits for SiteTalk Share options.

5) When will my Merits be displayed online?

During the week commencing February 27th the Merits will start to be displayed in your Unaico Member Back Office.

6) How many Merits will be issued?

There is a set amount of Merits that will be issued and the promotion may be ended at any given time, but with a minimum of one week’s notice.

7) Who is this Promotion available for?

This recognition programme is available for all Bronze or Gold Unaico Members.

We wish you great success and we are looking forward to rewarding as many Members with as many Merits as possible.