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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

*Unaico Newsletter* Be active and be rewarded - One Active SiteTalk member = 1 BV

Dear member,
Every week the excitement is growing regarding our ground-breaking promotion of One Active SiteTalk
member = 1 BV.
We wanted to give you a couple of points to whet your appetite:
1) The programme will be live in time for the event in Slovenia on March 26th.  We plan to introduce on stage some of the people who have benefitted from this promotion.  If you reverse-engineer from that you can work out that we plan to go live with it in the week(s) proceeding.  Without giving you a specific date, we are looking at the middle of March.

2) What does “active” SiteTalk member mean?
a) An absolute requirement is that the person has filled out his or her profile section.  The exact percentage may be different when we launch, but at present we are thinking that a minimum requirement for eligibility to be active is that 50% of the profile has been filled out.  If it is less than this percentage then the member cannot be “active” no matter how much they use the community.
b) Once the profile requirement is done, then we will have a number of measures to do with being a human being using SiteTalk to network!  Things like logging in, posting a message, updating a gallery, posting a comment on a photo, all of these and more will be given a value and measured weekly.  Once a minimum threshold has been reached, typically through a combination of activities, the person will be “active”.
c) Requirements for being “active” will not be difficult to reach.  The idea is that the person uses the community a couple of times a week and they will be considered active.
d) In order to earn rewards from your active SiteTalk community, you yourself have to be “active.”Note: To receive the WE - Newsletter in your own preferred language, you have to tick your personal choice of language in Your Account under Your Personal Details.See you next Weekend!

Best regards,
Tord Viken,  Editor in Chief
WE – on behalf of the SiteTalk and Unaico Global Team  

State Of The Nation Call
Every Monday at 22.00 CET we have a State Of the Nation Call held by the Unaico Management. 
You can join this meeting by registering here:

Unaico Members Guide
Have you ever wondered about the members section at or had a hard time explaining it to someone else? Well, we have it all explained here for you. For all the questions you may have about, our Members Guide should answer most of them, ready and downloadable from your own Back Office:
e) Being “active” is not a permanent status but has to be achieved by being active continuously.
We hope this answers some of the questions you and your team may have. Get building your community,
train them how to build their own community, create a positive and professional environment, and the larger it is by March, the more you will benefit!  Follow WE for info-nuggets over the next few weeks.
Best regards,
The SiteTalk Team

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