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Thursday, May 12, 2011

1 BV(Business Volume) Promotion

The 1 BV Promotion is an incentive programme initiated by Unaico Holding to increase and support new users to the platform. The Basics

For every SiteTalk user that you personally have invited to the platform using your referral username:, the programme rewards you with 1BV point for each ACTIVE SiteTalk member every week. This means, that 1BV will be put into the compensation run for every ACTIVE Member you have in your SiteTalk Network.

In order for you to take advantage of the 1 BV Promotion, you yourself are required to have the “active” status on SiteTalk.
As a Free SiteTalk user, you will be rewarded SiteTalk Credit, with 5% of 1 BV on your
personally referred/invited SiteTalk Members every week as long as they maintain the
ACTIVE for that week.
Example: You have personally referred 10 SiteTalk members that are Active on SiteTalk. That equals 10BV points, you receive 5% of 10BV = 0,5€.

A Free SiteTalk member will in the near future be able to use SiteTalk Credit (STC) for products and services hosted by SiteTalk. To qualify for getting SiteTalk Credit you need ACTIVE status on your profile. A free SiteTalk member can only be rewarded SiteTalk Credit from personally referred members.

As an active Unaico Business Partner you can earn commission Network Team Bonus on every SiteTalk member in your Network, this = 10% on your lesser Network team every week. (For more information please refer to the support file, Compensation Plan)
Example: You have 1000 Active SiteTalk members in your lesser Network team, this equals 1000BV. You will earn 10% of  1000BV = 100€ (For more information please refer to the support file, Compensation Plan)

As an active Unaico Business Partner you will receive only the Network Team Bonus, not the Direct Sales Bonus.Points from the 1 BV promotion do not count towards your Unaico recognition levels

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