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Sunday, January 22, 2012

WWW.KYC4U.COM (English Step by Step Guide Unaico Global Office)


English Step by Step Guide Unaico Global Office


clip_image004Step One

Login to

using your Unaico username and password.

Enter the CaptchaCode that is shown on the screen.

Step Two

Read & understand all the terms &

agreement, then click AGREE to

activate the menu on the left.

Step Three

After the left menu become activated, please click "KYC

Application" to go to the next step.

clip_image006Step Four

Please fill in all your particular

correctly and proceed by clicking

"Next" button below

Please note that bank account details are not necessary.

Step Five

Please fill in your Identity Card

number or Driving license number and all the necessary fields.

After that, please upload scanned

images of your ID or Driving license



by following order:

1. Click browse to upload FRONT

side of your ID

2. Click browse to upload BACK

side of your ID

3. Click browse to upload Copy of

your utilities bill (or other

4 document that correspond to

your address.

Click SAVE afterwards.

Please note that files uploaded

must be less than 2 MB

Step Six

After the thumbnails of your

uploaded Documents appear, click

Submit to finalize


You can double check all your

particulars by selecting and

clicking "Preview" on the left menu.

Link to Personal Account

If you have access/

administration of / to any other

accounts, you can link / bind

these to your "Personal Account"

by following the next steps:

Log Out from your "Personal


Link to Other Account 1

Login to any other account you

have access / administration of / to

clip_image010Link to Other Account 2

Click AGREE to activate the menu on the left.

Link to Other Account 3

Click "Link to Personal Account"

Link to Other Account 4

Fill in the Username of this account.

Thank you for completing the KYC Process.

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